Basil My league for Starcraft Broodwar AI players. The engine code is open source.

sc-docker My fork from sc-docker, a docker container to run bot games in Starcraft. Test-proven by running 24/7 as the work horse of Basil.

StyxZ My bot playing on Basil and SSCAIT. It’s also open source!

ASS My (contributors welcome!) Java Broodwar AI library. Combat sim✔, clustering✔, spatial querying✔, …

JBWAPI I’m part of the team bringing BWAPI to the Java world. There are alternative libraries, but this one is currently the only actively developed.

Build Tooling

Whisk Like programming languages, everyone needs one today. Build task dependency graph base build tool based on a small DSL. Build only what is required to reach a goal.

Game Dev

Eternal Space POC game based on the game Endless sky. Not really in a playable state, better use the original.

Some Ludum Dare games I did enter some lds. With lacking artistic skills and mostly fragmented time the results are so-so.

General Tools

STT SimpleTimeTracking - based on the idea of ti. Allows to track times without much overhead. No calender dropdowns etc., everthing is based on simple commands. Backed by a simple text file as “database”.


NightLight Using an ESP8266, some sensors and a LED stripe: Avoid requiring to turn on the lights in the bed room. Automatically fade in a low red light at night when standing up. Wake up by pulsing light, and provide bright light when entering the room if required.

PWMDDIRLib Instead of hardware PWM, uses timer based PWM supporting all output pins simultaneously. It also allows switching from open <-> GND instead of 5V <-> GND. The Arduino can take up to 20V. But a real use case is triggering a MOSFET with a higher voltage.